You don't have to do it all yourself. You don't have to feel under pressure 24/7. All you need? Is someone that has your back.  


Rockstar Virtual helps business owners, C-suite executives, and creative entrepreneurs grow their business through the assistance of highly-skilled, vetted, trained and background checked virtual assistants. We believe that your business is only as good as your attention to detail - and that a virtual assistant can skyrocket your growth, happiness, and profit, while decreasing stress.

While we focus on helping you systematize and streamline your business bottlenecks, we create simple solutions to help your personal life take center stage -- where it belongs.

You need someone who can help you avoid the pitfalls of busy-ness, stress, overwhelm, and overcommitment. Instead of being all things to all people, you'll be able to actually breathe again.

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You signed up for a life that excites you - not a life that you need to escape from.

We'll help you with things like managing your schedule and calendar, social media, data entry, purchases on your behalf, travel research and booking, email inbox management, and more. No matter how busy your business is, or how much you've neglected your social media, we can help.

Our VAs are trained to foresee the roadblocks in your business, anticipating them before they trip you -- and your sales up. We can help you streamline your client experience, take care of all administrative work, and de-stress your life.

We are here to help you rock your day.