What Is a Virtual Assistant?

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

Have you spent years pouring everything you have into honing your craft and building your business. Did you know that it would take hard work, and knew you would be busy, but maybe you weren’t prepared to be THIS busy.

Do you find yourself wondering how to run your business, keep up with social media, continuously learn all the new programs relevant in your field, and take care of the daily responsibilities to grow your brand?



Unless business is booming and you are secretly funding cloning programs, chances are you found yourself here because it is time for you to hire an extra set of hands.




In your searches for support, you might come across the term “Virtual Assistant”, but you have no idea what that means, or how a virtual assistant could help you achieve your goals.




How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Me?


As suggested by the name, a virtual assistant is someone who offers professional services to clients (people like you) virtually. A virtual assistant can do all manner of work for the clients they  provide with assistance. 


Let’s say that you’ve decided to take some time to really focus on the social media presence of your business.



Do you know the best posting schedule? Do you know how to keep track of engagement? Are you aware of the plethora of programs and apps available  to ensure your social media postings are hitting the marks needed for success?



The likely answer is a resounding no. I’m sure you also know that you don’t have the time to learn even half of that...so what do you do?



This is where you can hire a virtual assistant to professionally complete this exact job.



Most virtual assistants do a little of everything, but some of them have niched into certain categories like being a social media manager. A VA who specializes in this area will do all the work involved in planning and managing your social media marketing. These VA’s have the skills to manage your presence across Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. They will do all the necessary research and ensure that your posts hit the mark they need to in order to be engaging for your audience or customers. Happy customers means more business for you.



The same goes for a virtual assistant that does administrative work. A virtual assistant that specializes in this area has the skills to help you with all sorts of administrative services like bookkeeping, data entry, email management, scheduling appointments, booking travel, as well as a variety of other tasks.


Some services are unique in that they also offer an online business manager. This is similar to a virtual assistant in that all work is done remote but an online business manager can actually help you with the day to day running of your business. 


Virtual assistants work hard for you, taking care of all the behind the scenes tasks that you just don’t have the time to get to each day. In doing this, they are leaving you more time to continue to build and grow your business.



Using a Virtual Assistant Saves You Money


As a business owner, you know the importance of saving money wherever possible. When you choose to hire a virtual assistant, you will save money in multiple ways.


You will save money on office space, because thanks to the wonders of the internet, most virtual assistants work remotely. Your right hand person may be on the other side of the country from you.



Virtual assistants also use their own equipment, meaning you are not going to need to furnish them with computers or anything they need to do their job.



You will save money because you will only need to pay the virtual assistant for the time they spend actually working on your project. No need to pay someone to sit and gossip when they ought to be working. You can ensure your project is accomplished in a timely manner, and set a budget accordingly.



These are just a few of the ways utilizing a virtual assistant can help your business, and your bottom line.



So...what are you waiting for? Are you ready to save yourself some time and money while getting the help you need? If so, contact us today!



Lisa Reed

Rockstar Virtual, San Francisco, CA, United States