Working With Incredible People Is Our Pleasure.

Hear It From Them -- Because They Trust Us With Their Business, Personal Life, And Livelihood. 


Matt Munson, CEO & Founder at Twenty20

"Rockstar Virtual is an amazing company to work with. They are loyal, willing and ready to do whatever I send their way. The Rockstars are also very professional, detail oriented and efficient. Just what you need in a VA." 


Yanda Erlich, CEO & Founder at Parsable

"I’ve been working with Rockstar Virtual for over a year now and although it’s hard to quantify exactly how beneficial they are to me, let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to give up my services with them.  I can’t imagine life without my VA.”

Sukhi Singh 2.jpg

Sukhi Singh, Technology Entrepreneur & Investor

"Working with my VA allowed me to have more meetings, resulting in more deals. It freed up my time immensely."


Heather DeSantis, Founder at DeSantis Public Relations

"My VA helped me with my email system, organization, and task management. They helped to alleviate my stress.”